Training through Motivational Methods

At Best Friends Obedience, Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky, we employ Volhard's Motivational Method, which focuses on training your dog to obey through motivational methods. All instructors have been trained in this method and most have also attended the Volhard's Instructor Training Camp, as well as other dog-related seminars and the annual Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference. By not relying on punishment, this method delivers better, more lasting outcomes for your dog.

Three Phases to Success

The Motivational Method systematically moves through three phases: teaching, practicing, and testing, all accomplished through motivational methods. This training results in a dog who believes he can succeed, a belief that is crucial; without it, the dog cannot continue to learn and perform in a reliable, motivated fashion.
We believe that motivational methods are the most effective teaching tool. By rewarding the correct response, the dog is motivated to learn and training is also made pleasant for both handler and dog.

How It Works

In this step-by-step program, each week builds on the previous one. During class, the instructor teaches you how to train your dog to do the steps for that week. Your ultimate success depends on the training and practice you give your dog at home throughout the week. You are provided with written "homework sheets" to help guide your home training.
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